Page 1: Innovative and Collaborative Solutions to shape Freight Transport Systems of the Future: a Co-design Process

Thank you for your interest in the stakeholder engagement workshops on Freight of the Future to be held in Bristol. Please read this brief introduction before confirming your willingness to take part.

Freight transport in urban areas entails benefits (i.e. ready access to goods when needed), but also negative externalities (environmental, social and transport impacts). How are different stakeholders responsible in shaping the freight transport system of the future?

During the Stakeholder Engagement Workshops (SEWs), the Centre for Transport & Society at the University of the West of England, will be looking at identifying needs and visioning of future innovative services from different perspectives: those of policy makers, logistics professionals, researchers, retailers and customers.

The research activity will involve you in taking part in a 60-90 minute workshop with other stakeholders. You will be asked to discuss your thoughts about sustainable and innovative solutions for freight transport.

A summary of the research project will be given at the start of the workshops. We will explain in more detail how personal data will be managed, stored and used. You will be asked to give your informed consent after that explanation.

Please contact Dr Daniela Paddeu if you need any further clarifications.

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